Silver Lining, Half III – Pittsburgh Quarterly

We asked a wide range of Pittsburghers – the pandemic has certainly brought difficulties, but what “silver linings” have accompanied them that have positively affected your life?

The pandemic has increased my confidence in people. I was humble and inspired by our team members who bravely stood up for the needs of our communities and our guests who showed amazing appreciation. – Laura Shapira Karet, giant eagle

The pandemic has shown that the University of Pittsburgh’s strength lies in its people. Amid some of life’s toughest circumstances, our students, faculties, and staff have continued to focus on why we are here: harnessing knowledge for the benefit of society. – Patrick Gallagher, University of Pittsburgh

As a result of the pandemic, I was able to spend more time with my family and cook together. It has forced me to reevaluate our procedures, clean up unnecessary usage, and rework our systems from a business perspective. – Christopher R. Morrow, Ultimate Granite Surfaces

For all of us at 84 Lumber, the pandemic has taught us the real meaning of “home”. With people spending more time at home this year, we’ve never been more proud of our work and the opportunity to provide safe and warm places to live and work for our communities. People are still building, and business has been good for us. In fact, we are entering our best year as a company! – Amy Smiley, 84 Lumber

Teachers and administrators – along with children and families – had to work together and become partners in exceptionally innovative ways. This has made us as a learning community more nimble, more experimental and more networked than ever before. – Jeff Suzik, Falk Laboratory School

During one of the most difficult times in recent history, our church has stepped up to support its neighbors in need. Because of their incredible support, we can continue to provide families with fresh, healthy food, making it less important to put a meal on the table. – Brian Gulish, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

It was humbling to see the team at the Carnegie Museum of Art work so hard to offer art and special programs virtually during this pandemic. From our online exhibition series to art courses and lectures, I’m grateful that the museum was able to offer so many people a way out. – Eric Crosby, Carnegie Museum of Art

Big challenges offer BIG OPPORTUNITIES! Opportunity to lend a hand. Ways to give something back. Ways to bring hope and joy. The big silver lining of 2020 offers more opportunities to share our gifts with those in need. – Joseph A. Scarpo, PWA Wealth Management

Glass is difficult to teach from a distance. Our teachers love glass and enjoy working closely with their students. We designed glass-to-go kits for children and adults to be creative and create their own glass projects at home. They are incredibly popular and something we never thought about before COVID. We will definitely offer these kits in the future. – Heather McElwee, Pittsburgh Glass Center

Practice gratitude daily; Take the time to enjoy the outdoors and focus less on things that are out of my control and really don’t matter. I’m really excited about the “don’t sweat on small things” concept. – Susanne Cole, Pressley Ridge School

With college and high school aged kids, my wife and I never expected to spend long periods of time with all of us under the same roof again. It was a great opportunity to strengthen our family bond. – Rad Lusk, Sisterson & Co.

Given the difficulties Pittsburgh is facing, the silver lining in our work for Bank of America is an opportunity to connect our customers, community partners and teammates and provide them with more support than ever before. – Brian Ludwick, Bank of America

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