Smith Micro proclaims the sale of Moho® 2D animation software program

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) today announced the sale of its line of Moho 2D animation software to Lost Marble LLC. As part of the sale, Lost Marble, founded by Mike Clifton, the original creator of Moho, and Victor Paredes, Animator of Cartoon Saloon and former product manager of Moho, acquired both Moho Pro and Moho Debut from Smith Micro.

“We remain focused on maximizing the profitability of our three solutions for wireless operators – SafePath®, CommSuite® and ViewSpot®,” said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro Software, Inc. “Divestment The Moho- Lost Marble product line is a win for everyone, as it allows us to use 100% of our energy for our cellular portfolio and our customers, and the original Moho developer can continue the software legacy in 2D animation. ”

Lost Marble is acquiring the software with the support of the multiple Oscar nominee Cartoon Saloon studio.

“We have always called Moho ‘our secret weapon’,” said Tomm Moore, co-director of Wolfwalkers and Secret of Kells. “We’ve been using it for years and it’s really amazing. In the beginning I was a purist who thought that everything we did had to be hand drawn. But after seeing Moho in action, I wanted to use the software more and more. ”

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About Lost Marble LLC

Lost Marble is a company founded by Mike Clifton, the original developer of the Moho animation software, and Victor Paredes, animator and Moho animation supervisor at Cartoon Saloon. Its main goal is to continue the evolution of Moho to create powerful and easy-to-use tools for professional animators who use their knowledge in both programming and animation to push the boundaries in which technology can help artists, 2D -Create animations.

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