State Well being Leaders Urge Contact Tracers To Work As Coronavirus Circumstances Rise – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When contact tracers leave messages in voicemail boxes, many people don’t call back. On Tuesday, those responsible for nationwide coronavirus tests and traces held a press conference calling on people to cooperate on contact tracing procedures.

“These are difficult conversations. But these conversations are important. These conversations make a difference, ”said Lindsey Mauldin, special contact tracing assistant for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

More than 65 million coronavirus tests have been performed in more than 900 Pennsylvania locations to date, according to health guides. The tests are being rolled out to regional locations across the state.

“Last week, AMI’s regional testing sites in Butler, Bedford, Mifflin, Tioga and North Hampton counties tested nearly 7,000 people,” said Michael Huff, director of testing and contact tracing for the Department of Health.

But when positive results fall, some people don’t gain weight.

“To effectively contact Trace, we need Pennsylvanians to attend the case investigation,” Mauldin said.

Public health executives say non-response puts people at risk and stressed the importance of picking up the phone.

“Last week alone, our contact tracing team monitored nearly 8,000 close contacts identified during a case investigation across the state,” Mauldin said.

Some suggest the pushback could be due to a stigma surrounding a diagnosis.

Public health executives assured people that the process is safe.

“The information that is passed on during this conversation remains anonymous and close contacts are not informed of who they came into contact with,” said Mauldin.

Another problem is the COVID-19 Alert PA app. There are currently almost 700,000 downloads. However, some remain resilient and raise concerns about data security. Executives tell KDKA the app is a safe and effective way to identify exposure.

“We worked very closely with leading experts in the field to ensure confidentiality,” said Mauldin.

The app is available for free on your phone’s app store and contains all the information you need about the coronavirus in Pennsylvania.

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