Storms destroy Pittsburgh household’s newly renovated roof – WPXI

ROSS TOWNSHIP, PA – Severe weather means dangerous situations. A handful of them passed by in our area on Thursday, including a fallen tree that took out part of the home of a Ross Township family.

Paul Forshey and his wife had lived in their Clarwin Avenue home for the past 15 years. They said the tree had removed part of their roof, gutter, porch, and part of their neighbor’s fence was nearly 100 years old.

“Half the trees here have bent because the wind was so strong, and then here I am. And that was it, ”Forshey explained. “It came down and hit the top of my back porch. A few minutes later I heard a rumble, then it rolled off my roof. “

Forshey said the roof was just replaced that year and he estimated the damage could be in the thousands.

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