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Today is Saturday, February 27th, the 58th day of the year 2021. There are still 307 days in the year.

Today’s highlight in history:

On February 27, 1933, the German parliament building, the Reichstag, was destroyed by fire. Chancellor Adolf Hitler, who accused the communists, used the fire to justify the abolition of civil liberties.

In 1922, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the 19th amendment to the Constitution in the Reader v Garnett case, which guaranteed women’s suffrage.

In 1939, the Supreme Court banned the National Labor Relations Board v Fansteel Metallurgical Corp. Sit-in strikes.

In 1942 the Battle of the Java Sea began in World War II. The Japanese Imperial Naval Forces achieved a decisive victory over the Allies.

In 1951 the 22nd amendment to the constitution was ratified, which restricted a president to two terms.

In 1968, at the end of a CBS News special report on the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite made a comment saying the conflict was “sinking into a stalemate”.

In 1973 members of the Indian movement occupied the hamlet of Wounded Knee in South Dakota, where the massacre of Sioux men, women and children took place in 1890. (The occupation lasted until the following May.)

In 1982 Wayne Williams was found guilty of murdering two of the 28 young blacks whose bodies were found in the Atlanta area over a period of 22 months. (Williams, who has also been blamed for 22 other deaths, has preserved his innocence.)

Operation Desert Storm came to a close in 1991 when President George HW Bush declared “Kuwait is liberated, the Iraqi army is defeated” and announced that the Allies would cease fighting at midnight Eastern time.

In 1998, the House of Lords, with the approval of Queen Elizabeth II, agreed to end 1,000 years of male preference by giving a monarch’s firstborn daughter the same right to the throne as any firstborn son.

In 2003, children’s television presenter Fred Rogers died in Pittsburgh at the age of 74.

In 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami killed 524 people, damaged $ 30 billion and left more than 200,000 homeless in Chile.

In 2015, the 83-year-old actor Leonard Nimoy, who is world-famous among Star Trek fans as the pointed-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, died in Los Angeles. Boris Nemtsov, a charismatic Russian opposition leader and harsh critic of President Vladimir Putin, was gunned down near the Kremlin.

Ten years ago: “The King’s Speech” won four Oscar awards, including the best picture. Colin Firth was named Best Actor for his portrayal of the British King George VI. Frank Buckles, the last surviving American World War I veteran who also survived World War II as a civilian prisoner of war in the Philippines, died at the age of 110 in Charles Town, West Virginia. Duke Snider, 84, Baseball Hall of Famer, who helped the Dodgers bring their only World Series crown to Brooklyn, died in Escondido, California.

Five years ago: Hillary Clinton overpowered Bernie Sanders in South Carolina elementary school. A ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia went into effect across Syria. Three people were stabbed to death in a violent clash between members of the Ku Klux Klan and counter-demonstrators in Anaheim, California. “Fifty Shades of Gray” won five awards at the Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Screenplay, Actor, Actress, Film Combination, and Fantastic Four Film of the Year.

A year ago: US stocks posted their worst one-day decline since 2011, when global markets collapsed amid growing coronavirus concerns. The Dow fell nearly 1,200 points. President Donald Trump said a widespread outbreak of the virus in the US was not inevitable, even if top health officials on his side warned that more infections would come. Vice President Mike Pence convened his first meeting of the president’s coronavirus task force the day after he was appointed as the government’s point of contact for the epidemic. Saudi Arabia has closed the holiest places in Islam to foreign pilgrims due to the corona virus.

Birthdays today: Actor Joanne Woodward is 91. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is 87. Actor Barbara Babcock is 84. Actor Howard Hesseman is 81. Actor Debra Monk is 72. Rock singer-musician Neal Schon (Journey) is 67. Rock musician Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden ) is 64 years old. The actor Timothy Spall is 64 years old. The rock musician Paul Humphreys (orchestral maneuvers in the dark) is 61 years old. Country singer Johnny Van Zant is 61 years old. Rock musician Leon Mobley (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) is 60 years old. James Worthy, Basketball Hall of Famer, is 60 years old. Actor Adam Baldwin is 59 years old. Actor Grant Show is 59 years old. Actor Noah Emmerich is 56 years old. Actor Donal Logue is 55 years old. R&B singer Chilli (TLC) is 50 years old. Rock musician Jeremy Dean (Nine Days) is 49. Country rock musician Shonna Tucker is 43. Chelsea Clinton is 41. Actor Brandon Beemer is 41. Rock musician Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory) is 41. Rock musician Jake Clemons (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) is 41. R&B singer Bobby V is 41. Singer Josh Groban is 40. Banjoist Noam (cq) Pikely is 40. Rock musician Jared Champion (Cage the Elephant) is 38. Actor Kate Mara is 38. TV personality JWoww (AKA Jenni Farley) is 35. Actor Lindsey Morgan is 31.

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