The Pittsburgh neighborhood is overrun with rats asking for assist from town – WPXI

BROOKINE, PA. – Everywhere Jennifer Nail looks she doesn’t seem to be escaping a constant rat problem in Brookine.

“Rats run under my feet and hide under my flower pots and torture my dog,” said Nail.

Nagel isn’t the only person in Brookine who lives in fear of rats. There are some of their neighbors who experience the same thing.

One of her neighbors, whom Channel 11 spoke to off-camera, said he saw rats on Roosemore Avenue the whole time.

He hopes they don’t sneak into his house.

Nail said she set traps everywhere and even helped her dog.

“He definitely killed at least six or seven,” she said.

Nail said she reached channel 11 after almost 20 attempts to contact the city. We contacted the city about this problem but heard nothing about it.

The city has a rodent bait program, and it is said that agents can come out to set up a bait station on the property that can hold about 200 mice or rats.

Nail said that she and other neighbors signed up for the program.

The neighbors hope that any overgrown weeds and trash they see on other people’s property will go away and hopefully fix the problem, but they’re not holding their breath.

“These are our houses. This is the most precious thing I have as a home and it is being destroyed by vermin, ”said Nail.

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