The Pittsburgh neighborhood is suffering from sewage issues searching for solutions – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – “Nobody wants their children to deal with it, but we can’t get anyone to do anything.”

Duane Ringgold said every time one of his children or his wife uses the toilet, the garbage comes through the basement.

“The pump is stopped because of the poop and the toilet paper. So I had to scrape it off so that it kept getting water, ”explained Ringgold.

The pump sucks the water from the basement into the back yard. Ringgold said they need to buy candles and detergents to mask the smell.

“It smells bad. It smells like poop. It couldn’t be better. Basically, how it smells. You can see it,” he said.

The Ringgolds aren’t the only ones having problems. Channel 11 found that at least six houses on Race Street and Monticello have sewage from the toilets going to the basement.

Channel 11 reached out to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) and received the following statement:

“The owner of the property is responsible for the side sewer system that runs from the PWSA sewer system to the internal installation in a house or business. PWSA is responsible for the public sewer system on the street. If the problem is with the owner’s side sewers, it is their responsibility to repair them. If the problem is with the sewer system, it is PWSA’s responsibility. Our canal crew will be performing an inspection of the main and side canals serving this property tomorrow. This will determine the extent of the problem and the repairs needed. We last cleared the sewers in February. “

A PWSA spokesman also said the crews will be the first to look to see what the problems are on Thursday.

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