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If you’ve been spending some time on Foodie Instagram or TikTok lately, you may have seen something advertised as hot cocoa bombs by chocolate makers and candy stores.

It’s a delightfully sweet treat that consists of a hollow chocolate ball filled with mini marshmallows and (sometimes) other candies, chocolate chips, and hot chocolate mix. If you put the hot cocoa bomb in a mug and pour hot milk over it, the bomb with marshmallows will explode, creating a decadent hot cocoa drink.

Just look at how satisfying it is!

There are a few local places in and around Pittsburgh where you can buy Hot Cocoa Bombs – and they are also available at select Costo stores.

Where to find hot cocoa bombs near Pittsburgh

Photo: Dough & Dough Bakery

Dough & Dough Bakery

Batter & Dough Bakery in Bridgeville has hot cocoa bombs for $ 5 each, available for purchase at the bakery or for orders. Your simple chocolate option is filled with mini marshmallows and topped with milk and white chocolate drizzles and dark chocolate chips. They also offer peppermint and peanut butter options. Call (412) 319-7445 in advance to reserve. Dough & Dough Bakery (344 Station Street, Bridgeville)

Photo: Partyline Catering

Partyline catering

Partyline Catering in Baldwin offers more than a dozen hot cocoa bomb flavors including chocolate peanut butter, hot chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry, lucky charm, Steelers Ball, white chocolate cappuccino, mocha, salted caramel macchiato, oreo and chocolate coated strawberry, s’mores, chocolate, Candy cane, Andean sweets, chocolate mint and more. They are $ 4 each. Partyline catering (2872 Custer Avenue, Baldwin)

Photo: Sarris Sweets

Sarris candy

Sarris Candies offers hot cocoa bombs with their own milk chocolate shell, which are filled with sweetened cocoa powder and mini marshmallows and topped with dark chocolate swirls. They’re currently sold out online, but call the candy store at 724-745-4042 to see if they’re available. Sarris candy (511 Adams Avenue, Canonsburg)

Photo: Sinful Sweets

Sinful sweets

Sinful Sweets has lots of hot cocoa bombs at its downtown candy store and Ross Park Mall. When you’re ready to order, email to make sure they’re in stock! Sinful sweets (539 Liberty Avenue).

Photo: Fudge Farm

Fudge Farm

There are hot cocoa bombs at Fudge Farm on the waterfront … but they are only available in limited quantities. So call ahead to make sure they are available at 412-461-4351. Hot cocoa bombs cost: one for $ 5, four for $ 15, four minis for $ 10, and as part of a mug gift set for $ 10. Fudge Farm (142 West Bridge Street, Homestead)

Photo: The Pop Cakery

The Pop Cakery

The Pop Cakery, an online bakery based in Pittsburgh, is available for local pickup and delivery only and currently offers a variety of flavors of Hot Cocoa Bombs. Favorites include Funfetti, Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate, and Candy Cane. Order through Facebook. The Pop Cakery

Chocolate Apple Orchard has hot cocoa bombs near Pittsburgh. Photo: Chocolate Apple Orchard

Chocolate apple orchard

Chocolate Apple Orchard in Washington is taking orders for its hot chocolate bombs, which come in a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, Andean mint, unicorn, s’mores, triple chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate, and Cookies & Cream. Pricing starts at $ 3.50 for one and is also available for six for $ 22 and 12 for $ 42. You can find more information on Facebook. Chocolate apple orchard

Dessert with Val
Jefferson Hills

Hot Cocoa Bombs from Dessert with Val Bakeshop are available online for orders of five and ten and can only be picked up in Jefferson Hills. Flavors include Sweater Weather (pumpkin spice with marshmallows), Coffee Lover (mix of milk chocolate and hot coffee chocolate), Spooky Season (mix of milk chocolate and hot chocolate with Halloween candy decorations), Powerpuff (strawberry-flavored mussel and marshmallows with grain), and Candy Cane Cocoa Lane (vanilla bowl with hot chocolate mixture and peppermint). Orders can be made on Facebook. Dessert with Val

Photo: Sugar Fix with Renai

Sugar Fix with Renai
Shannon Castle

Sugar Fix with Renai online bakery offers made-to-order chocolate bombs for on-site pickup or delivery. Flavors include milk chocolate ($ 3), dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate peppermint, chocolate caramel, mocha, dark chocolate orange, orange cream, and more ($ 4), and holiday decorated bombs for $ 6. Orders can be placed online or by email at Sugar Fix with Renai

TC candy
South side

Hot cocoa bombs are available from TC Candy on the south side. Each bomb is made from milk chocolate and is filled with marshmallows. There is currently a limit of 10 cocoa bombs per family for in-store purchases. However, pre-orders for more can be made by calling 412-488-6358. TC candy (101 Brownsville Road)

Photo: Andy’s Sweets

Andy’s sweets

Andy’s Candies hot cocoa bombs are available at the candy store for $ 6.95. They are made from a milk chocolate bowl and filled with a mixture of marshmallow and hot cocoa. They are also available for shipping. Order online. Andy’s sweets (

My Favorite Sweet Shoppe has hot cocoa bombs near Pittsburgh. Photo: My favorite cute shop

My favorite cute shop

You can now get hot cocoa bombs at My Favorite Sweet Shoppe in Bridgeville. The Hot Cocoa Bombs come in a chocolate bowl filled with marshmallows and are working on other flavors that will be introduced soon. My favorite cute shop (1597 Washington Pike, Bridgeville)

Annie's Gourmet Cupcakes has hot cocoa bombs near Pittsburgh. Photo: Annie’s Gourmet Cupcakes

Annie’s gourmet cupcakes

Annie’s Gourmet Cupcakes is an online bakery shop best known for its cupcake creations. However, they have just launched Hot Cocoa Bombs for local pickup or delivery. Flavors include Classic Chocolate, Mexican Chocolate, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Heath Bar, Oreo, and Peppermint. Order through Facebook. Annie’s gourmet cupcakes

Photo: Nancy’s sweets made with love

Nancy’s sweets made with love

Nancy’s Sweets Made with Love online bakery is available for on-site pickup and offers a variety of hot cocoa bombs in flavors such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, pumpkin seasoning, salted caramel, s’mores, caramel cappuccino, cookies and cream, chocolate mint and candy Cane and Caramel Apple Cider. Chocolate bombs cost $ 3.50 each. You can find more information on Facebook. Nancy’s sweets made with love

Photo: Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream has been selling Hot Cocoa Bombs by Dessert with Val from their Shadyside store and at various events around town. Available in five and ten packs or individually, the bombs will become a mug of hot chocolate for you by adding their rich cream and all of the individual flavors and treats they use in their ice cream creations. Current bomb flavors include “Coffee Lover”, “Snickerdoodle”, “Salted Caramel”, “Candy Cane Cocoa” and much more. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream (206 S. Highland Avenue)

Photo: Snowy’s chocolates

Snowy’s chocolates

There are five different flavors of Hot Cocoa Bombs from Snowy’s Chocolates in Elizabeth, including traditional milk chocolate, cappuccino, peppermint, mocha, and white chocolate frappe. Snowy’s chocolates (105 North 2nd Avenue, Elizabeth)

Photo: Speckled Hen Chocolate Company

Speckled Hen Chocolate Company

The Speckled Hen Chocolate Company in Saxonburg offers hot chocolate bombs in their store or online. The bombs are shaped like a chocolate mug and filled with hot chocolate mixture and mini marshmallows. Speckled Hen Chocolate Company (656 Saxonburg Blvd, Saxonburg)

Photo: Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Pittsburgh Cookie Table
East Oakmont

The online cookie store Pittsburgh Cookie Table is selling hot cocoa bombs in December. They can be picked up in East Oakmont every Saturday. Orders must be placed in advance. Flavors include classic chocolate, green ‘Grinch’ bombs, elven cocoa snowballs, and an assortment of ‘character’ bombs and gourmet flavors like salted caramel, peppermint, eggnog, s’mores, cinnamon, and oreo. Order online. Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Other places with hot cocoa bombs near Pittsburgh:

Do you know of any other chocolate makers or bakeries that offer Hot Cocoa Bombs near Pittsburgh? Let us know and we’ll update the post!

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