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MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – The fryers were on and the kitchen was busy on the first Friday of Lent. This one event carries a lot of weight in the Moon Township Volunteer Fire Department.

“We lost the vast majority of our fundraising campaigns last year. Our athlete bash, roast fish, drive – we had to think outside the box because COVID didn’t go away that quickly, ”said Ron Faherty, VFD President of Moon Township.

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It was a time to get creative to make sure people came in this year.

“We changed our entire model and went to an app where people can order online or order a roadside pickup, scan the QR code and deliver straight to the car,” said Faherty.

Technology is groundbreaking. It turned out to be very busy. Just to throw in another tire, the department lost four cooks during their lunch break to answer a call.

After cleaning up, we went back to the kitchen. As the team works together, many hope that things will get back to normal next year.

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“It’s getting more and more social for people in town to get together and hang out, meet and share stories. So it’s disappointing not to be able to have the seated traffic,” said Faherty.

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KDKA stopped at various locations on Friday where masks with copious amounts of hand sanitizer were enforced.

At St. Gabriels in Whitehall, they turn their fry into a passage.

In Baden, St. John the Baptist was sold out at 10:30 a.m., just over an hour after it opened.

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For more information on fish fries this year, see the 2021 KDKA Fish Fry Guide.

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