JuJu Smith-Schuster says he desires to play for the Steelers

“In all respects I would like to stay with the Steelers. I would like to stay with them, but as of now we’re just a little bit in the air and waiting.” – JuJu Smith-Schuster on the @yinzhers podcast. pic.twitter.com/QRGjxVGVxh

– YINZHERS (@yinzhers) February 19, 2021

Let me say that I am a JuJu Smith cobbler fan. I’ve never criticized the Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver for its dance, lifestyle, or even lack of production. Of all the free agents the Steelers have this off-season, Smith-Schuster could be the one I would love to see again next year to do more than just what he does on game day.

But make no mistake, anything Smith-Schuster does to want to play for the Steelers next season could be just that. Talk. I have no doubt that Smith-Schuster enjoyed his time in Pittsburgh. He is largely popular with the fan base and has made himself popular in the city.

None of this will matter when it comes to money. I know Smith-Schuster said he loved it in Pittsburgh, but he also said he wanted to play its worth. That’s the key. Smith-Schuster’s value in the market is going to be much higher than the Steelers can pay for it. And no love of the city will beat hard cash. So it is wise for Smith-Schuster to take every opportunity now to find out how much he wants to be with the Steelers. So if he signs elsewhere, that’s just a deal.

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