The proprietor of Alla Famiglia has put the Allentown landmark up on the market however shouldn’t be anticipating a sale

PITTSBURGH – The owner of Alla Famiglia points out that the restaurant is going nowhere and complies with all upcoming banquets and event commitments.

The news of the sale of the listed restaurant caused violent reactions, but a clarification from the owner provides relief.

“We had a small emotional decision when the COVID shutdowns went into effect,” said owner Jonathan Vlasic.

Out of curiosity, Vlasic decided to add the restaurant to the list, but also in case the move was a better business decision at the time. But the restaurant survived the pandemic. Today, with the business acumen that everything is always for sale, Vlasic still expects the listing contract to expire in the near future. He doesn’t expect to sell the restaurant. He will continue his commitment to Alla Famiglia, a restaurant he started 16 years ago with $ 10,000 and eight tables that has grown into something much larger.

“I have to tell you, the restaurant is in no way going backwards in terms of the way we invest,” he said.

In fact, Vlasic said, “To be honest, I forgot the fact that we actually listed it.”

But that fact didn’t escape the notice of the Pittsburgh Business Times, which reported that this groundbreaking restaurant is still on a list of companies for sale.

And when it got out, panic set in, Vlasic said.

“It was like declaring today ‘National Alla Famiglia Day’. The love that came through, the devastation of the people who thought we wouldn’t be here … we really got into that kind of institution in Pittsburgh. I’m tickled about it, I really am. “

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