The proprietor of Twisters, a Bloomfield distribution firm, needs to run an ice cream parlor Pittsburgh

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Twisters Soft Ice Cream on Main Street in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield District

After Twister’s soft ice cream owner Joe Argenas and his wife Jennifer sold soft ice cream to residents of Bloomfield and other Pittsburghs for 22 seasons, they decided it was time to move on. Did.

Argenas is 4210 Main St. We sell our business and all equipment for $ 350,000. A few weeks ago he started selling people for his intent, both through the real estate sign and a text list calling for “serious inquiries only”.

“It was 22 years ago [seasons], And I and my wife do this, but as you know there are many changes. My son is married and my daughter is studying, ”said Argenas. Pittsburgh City Paper .. “It’s time to start a new chapter.”

Joe and Jennifer Argenas opened Twisters in 2000. Argenas would like the next owner to continue operating as an ice cream parlor selling the same products (various soft ice creams, hard ice creams, etc.) that have been on sale for the past 21 years. Milkshakes, sundae, Italian ice cream, fleuris, slash puppies – these are slashes mixed with soft ice cream.

“If I have to choose, as you know, I’m not looking for a developer who does something else or changes the entire format,” says Argenas.

The building itself, with its cream-colored seat trim, custom red awnings, and colorful ice cream signs, is not currently for sale, but Argenas is ready to consider a proposal. But he says he otherwise likes to remain the owner and landlord of the property.

Argenas has received many inquiries and is optimistic that it can sell. It was important to him to sell during the ice season so potential buyers could come and see how business was going. However, if he doesn’t find the right buyer, he plans to come back next season.

“We won’t close, we won’t open, we won’t move to another place,” says Arrgenas. “If it doesn’t sell, I’ll be back in the spring.”

The owner of Twisters, a Bloomfield distribution company, wants to run an ice cream parlor Pittsburgh

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