The Strip District terminal has a brand new tenant – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The terminal in the Strip District has added a new tenant.

Posman Books moves in. There will also be an ice cream parlor.

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It took years to convert the historic product terminal into a business district, but the tenants are finally moving in.

The new bookstore will be neighbors with a state-owned liquor store, indoor golf facility, and much more. It was once feared that the terminal would somehow compete and change the nature of the local businesses that line Penn Avenue.

But a man who was part of a group of concerned business owners may not say now.

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“The more shops there are over there, the more people will come here,” said Jim Coen. “We want the project to continue working there.”

Coen, who owns three stores in the Strip District, says there have been complaints about parking. The terminal made several new rooms available, but the spots are only available again.

“That’s pretty stupid. I’m not going back, ”said Brookline’s Cameron Bargas. “Then I would have to turn around. It’s clearly something that you should probably be including. “

The other parking problem is that you need to have Pittsburgh’s Park app to pay for parking and avoid a ticket. Even so, the historic Strip District on Penn Avenue seems tough enough to withstand any challenge.

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“Penn Avenue, we haven’t closed a single business because of COVID,” Coen said.

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