The very blended reactions from the brothers when Dad leads them to consider that their favourite participant was the Browns

A father in Palatine, Illinois got his sons well when he told him their favorite Cleveland Browns player had been sold to the Pittsburgh Steelers as an April Fool’s joke.

The footage of Prankster father Timothy S Daniel shows how his two boys reacted to the “news” that Baker Mayfield was joining the Steelers, both of whom agreed that they were “so stupid”.

A brother collapses on a beanbag chair in disgust while his sibling sits on the edge of a chair, seemingly troubled by the thought of his favorite player in the hands of the team’s rivals.

Luckily Daniel doesn’t let her wallow in her misery for long and hears his boys ask what day is today. They are quick to discover that they have been betrayed and their reactions vary greatly: one says, “Good joke,” and the other tosses a TV remote control on the floor and says, “Bad joke!” Photo credit: Timothy S Daniel via Storyful

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