three large causes JJ Watt is leaving Houston for Arizona

JJ Watt travels to Phoenix and the Arizona Cardinals to continue and possibly end his career.

Smart move, climatic and different.

Football is primarily a sport from September to December, at least these days in Houston. Of course, successful teams in other cities will continue to play well into January. It’s called postseason. If your quarterback is Tom Brady, don’t make plans until after the Super Bowl in February.

Rookies have no choice, they go where they moved in. You have no control over whether it’s bright, cool and sunny in San Diego – or gloomy, cold and cloudy in Pittsburgh or Buffalo or Cleveland or, in the worst case, Detroit.

JJ Watt couldn’t have found a better place to spend his fall and winter than Phoenix. I can tell you

I lived in Phoenix before I came to Houston. And I lived in Detroit for a year before going to Phoenix. My hobby in Detroit was getting out of Detroit. It had nothing to do with the city or its people. It’s actually a very pretty city, especially in the inner city.

I just couldn’t handle the cold weather. Winter highs hardly affect freezing. Sleeping is a night with three dogs plus a duvet and the thermostat that boosts up to $ 500 in utility bills.

Playwright George S. Kaufmann, who wrote several Marx Brothers films and won a Tony for directing Guys and Dolls, said, “I was rich and I was poor. Believe me, rich is better.”

Believe me, Phoenix is ​​better in winter.

Besides, it’s not that Watt will be a stranger to Arizona. One of his teammates will be DeAndre Hopkins, another big Texas player and fan favorite who has been banned from Houston for next to nothing. In Watt’s case, absolutely nothing in return. How to do business in the bizarre world.

Houston is a relatively young city. Although it was founded in 1836, Houston didn’t really take off until the mid-20th century. While Chicago had 2 million residents in 1910, Houston had only 78,000 residents, and most of them lived “within the loop”.

Houston boomed in the 50s, had a decline with the drop in oil prices in the 80s, and is back as one of the fastest growing cities in the US

Compared to Houston, Phoenix is ​​a special house only by appointment. The city shimmers. Traffic is bad, but bad everywhere and nowhere near the heavenly nightmare of Houston.

State Farm Stadium in Glendale, home of the Arizona Cardinals, is on Super Bowl rotation. If Watt’s dream comes true, maybe he can do a “Tom Brady” and win a title at his home ground.

Watt’s decision to select the Arizona Cardinals came as a surprise, as the most popular landing spots appeared to be Green Bay, Cleveland, and Buffalo – all of which were frozen open-air tundra stadiums. Come on, come on, it’s 70 with crystal blue skies in Arizona in January. Watt is not a dummy.

If you’re looking for a great Phoenix pizza place, try the Red Devil Italian restaurant on McDowell and on 32nd Street. I ate there about three times a week on the way home from work. You have a double crust cake that will make your knees shake.

We don’t know how much other teams have offered Watt, but money isn’t the number one priority at this stage in his career.

Here are three reasons why Watts went: Lifestyle, winning and personal happiness.

Bonus: Watt will still be able to watch a dynamic young quarterback throw Hopkins touchdowns. Kyler Murray is super fast and has a big time arm and the offense has faith in him.

They know how Texans trust Deshaun Watson to save their sad asses. Besides Murray, he has a resourceful head coach who knows how to use his superior skills.

And the owner of the Cardinals isn’t an inarticulate fool who is intrigued by Brother Traveling’s Traveling Salvation Show. I’m not saying names here, but how much more can Texan fans take?

All in all, it was a natural decision for JJ Watt to accept the Arizona Cardinals’ offer, regardless of childhood memories and college loyalty.

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