Trash Speak was the secret in our Name of Responsibility event ITK Bowl 202

The ITK Bowl 2021 was a Call of Duty tournament that paired NFL pros with Call of Duty pros. The competition was tough and of course the trash talk too.

Florida Mutineers’ Josiah “Slacked” Berry made this bold appeal during his pre-game interview with Kay Adams.

“I have more championships than any of my teammates,” Slacked told In The Know. “I’ll add one in a moment after we’re done with this.”

Slacked and his partner Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings won the Malka Sports-sponsored grand prize of $ 10,000 for charity. Jefferson said he would donate his profits to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that works to end child starvation in the United States.

Mark Ingram II, a free agent who recently played for the Baltimore Ravens, was ready to style all of his peers.

“Put them in, put them night night,” Ingram said before the game. Unfortunately, Ingram was eliminated without getting a single kill. Ouch.

Once the event started the trash talk started killing free.

“I’m on a ten, Jarvis!” Shouted Chase Claypool of the Pittsburgh Steelers and called Jarvis Landry of the Cleveland Browns. “I’m on your a **!”

The twitching streamer Bobby Poff made some edifying comments on the tournament with his praise. During his match-up with Team Neptune, Poff slowed down the trash talk and respected the name of Travis “Neptune” McCloud II.

“That guy [Neptune] is fucking twisted, brother, ”Poff said to his teammate Sebastian Joseph-Day of the Los Angeles Rams. “This guy is getting big bucks, dude.”

Indeed, Neptune and Landry proved why they got the big buck when they got to the finals against Slacked and Justin Jefferson. In the grand finale, Slacked kept his promise to win yet another championship when he and Jefferson celebrated an easy 2-0 win.

“What did I tell you in that interview, boy?” Loosely praised. “We’re winning, man. Come on.”

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If you enjoyed this piece, check out Team Slacked in their interview after winning the ITK Bowl 2021.

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