US Metal confirms important short-term enlargement of sustainability commitments at Ceres 2021

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) today announced its increased commitment to sustainable practices and the launch of a new line of sustainable steel products, verdeX ™, in 2021. These commitments were confirmed during the company’s leadership presence at the sustainable steel panel of the Ceres 2021 conference: Transform Tomorrow Today.

The lead panelist for US Steel was Richard L. Fruehauf, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Development Officer, who reiterated the company’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He also highlighted important technological advances and produced some of the most advanced high strength steels at the company’s LEED® certified Big River Steel subsidiary.

“We know the urgency of the climate crisis takes more of all of us,” said David B. Burritt, President and Chief Executive Officer of US Steel, in a special message posted at = yC3tt44YtOs can be viewed. “So we’re changing our portfolio of steelmaking technologies. Creating something new, steels that are best for our customers and best for our planet. Together we can build a sustainable future. ”

During the panel discussion, US Steel’s Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Kenneth E. Jaycox introduced the company’s new line of sustainable steel products, verdeX. US Steel is now able to produce some of the most advanced high strength steels with only a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions previously required. The company is now working with customers to introduce US Steel’s verdeX line of sustainable steel so that they can bring more sustainable products to consumers. You can find information about verdeX here: Further details will be announced in the coming weeks at

United States Steel Corporation, founded in 1901, is a Fortune 250 company and a leading steel producer. Along with its subsidiary Big River Steel and an unwavering focus on safety, the company’s customer-centric Best of Both ™ strategy for integrated and mini mill technology is driving a safer, more sustainable future for US Steel and its stakeholders. With a renewed focus on innovation, US Steel serves the automotive, construction, appliance, energy, container and packaging industries with high value added steel products such as the high strength steel XG3 ™ developed by US Steel. The company also maintains competitive iron ore production and has an annual crude steel production capacity of 26.2 million net tonnes. US Steel is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has world class operations in the United States and Central Europe. More information is available at

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