Week 14 DFS Bans – Washington’s JD McKissic

Yahoo Sports’ Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don are offering their DFS bans for this week’s games, including a running back that ended with 10 receptions for 70 reception yards in the MNF win over Pittsburgh.

Video transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: We start in the running back position. Our producer Ragu gives us his lock of the year under $ 20, JD McKissic gives us $ 14. We know Gibson is brought to his knees. McKissic hit all 10 goals on Monday. I think I really enjoy McKissic in any PPR format or half PPR in Yahoo DFS. I’m going to take David Montgomery off the two best games of his career, here come the Lions and the price hasn’t adjusted yet, it’s only $ 19. I think the only problem you have with Montgomery is that you might be chalky and not everyone wants to swallow the chalk playing DFS, but I can’t say no to them at $ 19. Dalton, who is your DFS pick this week?

DALTON DEL DON: I went to Chris Carson’s $ 26 home against the Jets. With 13 points, he admitted he wasn’t 100% last week, but Carroll suggests he’ll move on and rely on him even more. So I just like the setup there. Also this year he catches more balls. So I have Carson as I think my number four or five fantasy this week and he’s not priced as such on Yahoo DFS.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Our wide receiver picks, Ragu gives us another one under $ 20, save money, you can play your stud when you save money in the other positions. He likes Robby Anderson at $ 19, with Moore expected. And I’m not sure what status Samuel is either. I think that’s a really good piece.

If you’re going to pay for a receiver, Keenan Allen for $ 30, Belichick got him out, I don’t see how the hawks are going to do it. I think it’s a big upswing for Herbert this week, he’s pounded everyone like crazy. I think it’s a great $ 30 game. I don’t have the price of Cole Kmet in my head, but I think it has to be pretty low. If you need a tight ending, I would include him in the broad recipient discussion. I think he’ll hit five to seven goals and some finish line equity, and that’s good enough for me in the end. Dalton, who is the broad receiver you like?

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DALTON DEL DON: I like Brandon Aiyuk, he has touchdowns in four of the last five games and has exceeded 75 yards or more in four games in a row. Deebo Samuel is ailing, Kendall Fuller can be beaten in Washington. Just $ 14 Brandon Aiyuk with a bunch of other 49ers injuries, he’s really impressed his rookie season so I like him at just 14.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Go to the Quarterbacks, producer, Ragu likes Matthew Stafford for 25 and is expecting a shoot in Green Bay. We talked about how aggressive the Lions were in the post Patricia era. Hopefully this will continue. Jalen Hurts at $ 22, sounds good to me because I think he’s going to run like crazy. I just hope he doesn’t give away the store with sales. I also think there is a non-zero chance if he plays badly he could even be torn out of this game because the Eagles are fighting right now. Maybe if Hurts has a bad first half against a good Saints defense, maybe Wentz will come into play, but I think Hurts has a chance of running about 100 yards. I think he’s going to be so active so I’ll have $ 22 DFS contact with him this week.

DALTON DEL DON: I like him, and I like Ragu’s choice of Stafford too, but I’ll be going with Mike Glennon at 25. Quiet Tennessee was the cheapest match for fantasy quarterbacks if you’ve adjusted your opponent in the last month or so. So Glennon, nobody’s going to be there, he’s cheap, he’s ugly but pretty good and DJ Chark is getting healthier. So I like Glennon as a cheap QB.

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