Eatbeat: The choice on the panda buffet is diversified

The choice of dishes is varied. So do the customers who gather in the Panda Buffet Restaurant on South Columbia Road. You can find everything there from lo mein noodles and egg rolls to sweet and sour chicken. There are also cakes, cookies and soft ice cream.

Customers will find sufficient parking spaces behind the large restaurant with 150 seats. Due to coronavirus restrictions, seats are limited to 120 these days.

Inside there is a waterfall that welcomes guests. And there is a choice of stands or tables. Delivery also takes place via Door Dash or Bite Squad.

Dinner was served on two visits to the Panda Buffet this week. I was with my granddaughter, Carmen Hagerty (CH), who is a senior at Mount Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh. And she’s taken online classes in Grand Forks.

The choice at Panda Buffet seems endless. You will find a wide variety of rice, pasta, lo mein, sesame chicken, egg rolls. There is fruit. There’s garlic bread, macaroni, and cheese – and on and on. Sushi, coconut prawns, chocolate pudding.

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The warm food was steaming. There was pizza, salads, french fries, fried rice, chicken, broccoli and much more.

A cook on duty is on duty at the Mongolian grill, waiting to prepare raw meat and vegetables for the guests. There are 13 servers, many of which only speak Chinese. But they are quick, ready and ready to help.

Customers come with masks and paper gloves are available around the buffet.

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Panda buffet restaurant

2451 S. Columbia Road

Phone: 701-780-8800

Seats: 150 reduced to 120 during the Covid precautions

Opening times: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily

Testimony: Well organized and huge range of food for every taste.

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