“Gifted” sophomore scholar killed whereas filming in Pittsburgh – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Family members mourn a 15-year-old student who was killed Tuesday evening in Lincoln-Lemington.

Pittsburgh Police responded to a ShotSpotter alert on Montezuma Street shortly after 9 am and discovered that Donangelo Castaphney had been shot dead on Olivant Street.

“I’m really shocked, I’m amazed, I’m devastated, I’m hurt that he had to leave this earth at this young, innocent, beautiful age,” said Quenesia Castaphney-White, the victim’s cousin.

Castaphney-White told Channel 11 that she saw the boy grow up and served him as a caretaker when he was younger and his parents were at work.

“This never happened in our family, not once, not a single Castaphney died from a gunshot,” she said. “We have a believing family and we believe that he is present with the Lord and is fine, but we still live here in hell, it’s like living in hell.”

Castaphney-White described the victim as an intelligent, caring, and goofy boy.

“He lit the room.”

A statement from the Pittsburgh Public Schools described him similarly.

“His teachers remember him as thoughtful and kind with a big smile and sharp wit,” read the statement.

Donangelo had played Westinghouse basketball in Pittsburgh before moving to Pittsburgh Allderdice, where he attended the Gifted and Talented program.

Family members told Channel 11 they don’t know who killed him, but they hope those responsible will get in touch.

“I only pray for the people who have done this evil and that their hearts will be changed,” said Albert Castaphney, the victim’s uncle.

“I don’t know how someone sleeps at night and takes a teenager’s life,” Castaphney-White said.

Pittsburgh police have not identified any suspects or alleged motives.

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