PA Poet and Advertising Skilled publishes a youngsters’s ebook about rising up in small cities, Blue-Collar America

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Pam Selker Rak, Pittsburgh poet and president of marketing firm CommuniTech, LLC, today announced the launch of the children’s book, Sassafras Tea, a story poem that tells fond memories of growing up in Clarion, PA. The book focuses on the importance of family and the father-daughter bond. The book’s slogan “The simplest joys are our greatest treasures” came to Rak’s mind during the Covid-19 bans, as did her decision to turn her poems into children’s books.

“Covid-19 has changed us all,” said Pam Selker Rak, author of “Sassafras Tea”. “It gave me more time to appreciate things that we too often take for granted – like family and community. I thought about the simpler times of my own life. This book tells how my father introduced me to the art of brewing sassafras tea from the bark he cut in the forest behind his old homestead. As a child, I was fascinated that my father could turn a tree into tea! It is these types of experiences that have come into focus for me. In our age of texting, gaming, and social media, it’s important for kids to know that the simplest joys are often the best. ”

But “Sassafras Tea” is much more than just a story about brewing tea – it’s about the Clarion community itself, the importance of public libraries and how the foundation won there set the course for Rak’s future and work ethic as a writer, poet and writers committed marketers.

“My story poems are about growing up in a simple working class family. My father was a machinist for over 35 years. He made a good living and we could afford easy vacations and easy experiences; It turns out that’s all we’ve ever needed, ”said Rak.

While Rak’s book is dedicated to her family, it is also dedicated to her former hometown – teachers, neighbors, friends, relatives, the library, and the community itself.

“There’s no other place I’d rather be an adult, which is why all of my books will focus on this city and those experiences. I hope they are helping, in a small way, to raise awareness of the beauty and magic of Clarion and the importance of all American small towns and working class families. A portion of every proceeds from my books is donated to a nonprofit that benefits the Clarion community. The proceeds from the first book, ‘Sassafras Tea’, will be donated to the Clarion Free Library, ”said Rak.

“Sassafras Tea” was professionally illustrated by the Pittsburgh-based artist Jeanine Murch. A second book, “Christmas Treedition”, is in the works and will be illustrated by Pittsburgh-based artist Susan Vincent. It will kick off in October 2021 with events planned in connection with the 68th annual Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion from October 2-10.

“Sassafras Tea” is a 20-page 8 ½ x 8 ½ “picture book priced at $ 19.99 for the hardcover, $ 9.99 for the paperback version on, and $ 2.99 for the eBook version , also at, is available in retail stores. Bulk orders of the hardcover edition are also available on at 55% off the retail price. To order the hardcover: Visit order the paperback or e-book: Visit

Launch & Book Signing Party: June 19, 2 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT, Memorial Park Gazebo, Clarion, PA

A book launch and signing event will be held on June 19 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Memorial Park Gazebo in Clarion. Michelle’s Café serves sassafras tea and a variety of pastries. Book readings are conducted by Clarion-based Kiera Vinson, a senior at Lycoming College who studies musical theater. There will also be live music. The event is public. “Sassafras tea” can be bought at the event; The author is available to sign copies. To learn more, please contact 412.972.0355 or email

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