Pittsburgh’s protection shot over Najee Harris decide

It’s not too often in the NFL that you find a defense overjoyed that a draft pick has been issued on the offensive. However, this is precisely the current case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Najee Harris was the first selection round for Pittsburgh, which ran back from Alabama. He’ll justify instant snapshots and play along in a backfield that was overwhelmed in 2020. The Steelers’ move to draw Harris has had a positive impact on the entire roster.

Pittsburgh’s longtime defensive end Cam Heyward praised the Steelers’ move to draw Harris on the NFL Network.

“I think we’re really happy to have him as defenders,” said Heyward. “When you have a guy like that who can carry the stone 30 to 40 times per game, that’s really a relief for the defense. He can do several things. I think the investment in our offense this year has been enormous. “

Expecting Harris to carry the ball 30 to 40 times per game could be a stretch for each return, but the points are well hit.

Harris was a monster during his time in Alabama, and he was also highly regarded off the field in Tuscaloosa. During the NFL draft, he partied in a homeless shelter where he himself grew up with the people who are there now.

The Steelers seem to have gotten a good one and with Najee Harris they provided massive stability in the return position. Expectations may be a bit high for him in his rookie season with the Steelers, but based on how he played for the Crimson Tide, that shouldn’t be a problem for the rookie.

It’s a certainty that Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers love the choice. In this scenario for Pittsburgh, putting the defense to work is just a cherry on the cake.

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