Pittsburgh misplaced to Washington over a key space

The Washington Football team sent shock waves to the league after the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered their first loss of the season.

Steeler’s legend Rocky Bleier gave his two cents for why his former squad lost to Washington. The four-time Super Bowl champion gave Washington his props, but stressed via Steelers Depot’s Matthew Marczi that Pittsburgh needs to be more aggressive about its running game:

“Washington stopped the run and doesn’t think it would have been better if Conner had been healthy,” added the Steelers legend. “They hit us at the border. They had great persecution and aggressive reporting ”.

“To win football matches, you have to control football, eat the clock,” said Bleier, a Steelers legend. “You do that by running the ball. What you need to understand is that a game in progress is a mindset. It imposes your will on your opponent, keeps coming off the ball, hitting and driving, hitting and driving, hitting and driving until you wear him down. Then you have a game in progress. We don’t have a game in progress. Not when you have four tries and you can’t knock it through for a score. “

The 4-time Super Bowl champion knows exactly what he’s talking about.

The Steelers looked like they were on their way to their 12th win after taking a 14-0 lead. However, Washington dumped it in the second half when Alex Smith lost 20 points after the break.

Pittsburgh fought for sure on Monday night, going just 21 meters with 13 runs. After winning 11 straight wins earlier in the year, the Steelers had to watch what had gone wrong against Washington to recover from their first loss.

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