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‘The Prom’

• RATED: PG-13 (Star-studded, slightly nervous musical is all about acceptance.)


• PARENTS NEED TO KNOW: The mostly positive core message of The Prom – based on the Broadway musical and staged by the creator of Glee – is to accept others regardless of their sexuality, wealth, fame or heritage . But to get to this point, both adult and teen characters have to overcome their own prejudices and problems, which leads to some emotionally intense scenes, especially between parents and their gay children. Still, the film is ultimately more comedy and music than drama. Some mature themes pop up in texts, including virginity, narcissism, disappointments in life, and the desire to love whoever you want. Adults drink and hear some course language. (On Netflix)

• RATING: 4 Stars (out of 5) –


Redbox Top 20

Here are the most popular rentals at Redbox locations:

1. “Unhinged” (R)

2. “Mulan (2020)” (PG-13)

3. “Buddy Games” (R)

4. “Fatman” (R)

5. “The New Mutants” (PG-13)

6. “Iron Mask” (PG-13)

7. “The rental” (R)

8. “2067” (R)

9. “Bill & Ted Face the Music” (PG-13)

10. “100% Wolf” (PG)

11. “Antebellum” (R)

12. “Downrange” (R)

13. “Chick Fight” (R)

14. “Ava” (R)

15. “Paydirt” (R)

16. “After we crashed” (R)

17. “Relic” (R)

18. “The tax collector” (R)

19. “Death of me” (R)

20. “Scoob!” (PG)


By Chuck Sheppard

Recent alarming headlines: Police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are still investigating two explosive incidents in potties, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. No one was injured in either of the two explosions, the first of which occurred in Lawrenceville on November 5. It was strong enough to blow up the toilet and damage a nearby house, police said. The second came on November 10th in East Allegheny. Pittsburgh’s Bomb Squad and Crime Unit is working to determine what types of explosives have been used and whether the events are related.

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