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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – More and more people in the Pittsburgh area have become victims of identity theft using Chase Bank checking accounts, and local police are trying to find out who is using residents’ personal information to open accounts.

“It was scary, it was so scary,” said Rosemary Dubyak.

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Rosemary Dubyak is still baffled after her husband Andrew received a Chase Bank debit card in the mail for an account he did not open. She said they weren’t sure what to do until they saw the news from KDKA on Wednesday of the recent identity fraud.

The Pleasant Hills couple spent hours making the necessary arrangements; B. Freeze his credit, call Chase Bank and the police. Two days later, they received three more Chase debit cards in the mail.

“I was just physically ill when we had three because then I thought it wasn’t over and why did it happen, how did it happen,” said Dubyak.

Police departments across the Pittsburgh area are receiving reports of this scam.

Peters Township Police Department had over 25 cases. Together with the South Hills Area Council of Governments (SHACOG), they form a task force to investigate and identify the responsible persons. They turned to the United States Intelligence Service for assistance.

“We’re trying to put together a task force with all local departments. There are hundreds of identity thefts by Chase Bank. We are also asking for assistance from the United States Intelligence Service, ”said Corporal Lou Reda of the Peters Township Police Department.

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Police said personal information is being used to create accounts based on a recent offer from Chase Bank. Chase is offering $ 200 when you open a new checking account and set up direct deposits.

“At the moment we’re not sure who opened these accounts. There were hundreds. There was a personal data breach somewhere. The credit cards come with the victims’ names and addresses, and actually use a social security number to open the accounts, ”said Corporal Reda.

Dubyak said when they called Chase Bank about the three new cards, they were told the accounts were closed, but they still have many questions.

“What bothered me is that there are no checks and balances to raise a red flag when it happened,” said Dubyak.

Dubyak hopes someone will find the answers.

“We have been married for 42 years. We shredded everything and were so careful with our information that someone got it. I want them to find out who did it and how it happened, ”said Dubyak.

In this case, you think you are a victim of it: contact your local police department, make a report and receive an incident number. Then call Chase Bank and request that the account be closed for fraud.

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Police said you should also contact all three credit bureaus to monitor your creditworthiness and report it as identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

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