Shesterkin and Panarin appear to be making enjoyable of the Tony DeAngelo incident

Igor Shesterkin and Artemi Panarin are believed to be planning their reenactment of the Tony DeAngelo incident.

It’s been less than a week since New York Rangers defense attorney Tony DeAngelo issued waivers and sparked an explosion that turned into an episode of CSI: Miami that eventually revealed an off-ice situation.

The night before the vengeful deal, DeAngelo and goalkeeper Alexandar Georgiev caught a spittoon after the now-former Ranger played a terrible defensive game to give the Pittsburgh Penguins the winning goal in extra time. After showing his incompetence in his own zone, he made a comment to the Russian netminder who reportedly slapped him right in the face with his blocker.

This was considered the very last straw for the Rangers and he allowed himself to be hit by the door on the way out.

Fast forward to Thursday night’s game between the Rangers and Washington Capitals. In celebration of a 4-2 win over the division’s rivals, teammates Igor Shesterkin and Artemi Panarin appeared to be doing a little reenactment of the incident.

Unsurprisingly, one of DeAngelo’s alleged burner accounts popped up in replies with another tweet while asking that an NHL franchise seize their chance at massive PR risk from a one-sided defense attorney. Some franchises are reportedly willing to risk their image for a player with so much baggage just because they can play some decent offensive hockey.

The acclaimed win over the Capitals is the Rangers’ fourth in 10 games this shortened season – and their second in a row since DeAngelo surrendered – as they are currently sixth in the East Division.

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