Steelers, prime-time payments

Yahoo Sports NFL senior writers Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor are picking a week 14 game that will get us going by Monday.

Robinson’s must
Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

This was going to be a big game regardless of what happened last week, but Pittsburgh, dropping a stunner to Washington, is suddenly more focused on how it stacked its record and whether the Steelers can really keep up with the other Heavy Hitter in the AFC.

And the Bills – an Ave Maria from a six-game winning streak – could join this elite group with a win this weekend. One way or another, someone leaves this game and looks like a team that could challenge Kansas City in the postseason.

Paylor’s must
Steelers on bills

Don’t look now, but the Bills are the third best team in the AFC and could move up to second with a home win over Pittsburgh in prime time.

The Steelers have their first loss of the season and their first game without Bud Dupree, the Star Edge Rusher. His torn ACL injury could change the cap for the Steelers this season as the opposition can now allocate more resources to Defensive Player of the Year candidate TJ Watt.

On the flip side, a Pittsburgh win against the well-trained Bills will go a long way towards calming fans’ nerves. This should be good as both playoff teams are looking to get another win before January.

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